Key Features of the Tyndale Translation

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Over the years the number of translations to the Holy Bible have become numerous. There are translations for not only languages but also for reading levels and time periods. One of the leading translations that has withstood since its beginnings has been the Bible translation by William Tyndale. If you are considering a new Bible or adding to your library of translations, there are key features to note about Tyndale's work. 

First English Translation

The top feature of the Tyndale translation, and the reason many people choose it, is due to its origination. Tyndale was a strong believer that the Bible should be available in the English language. The belief was that this translation would allow more people to know and study the Bible instead of leaving it in the hands of scholars and the church. Because of this translation, more people were able to read the scriptures of the Bible and to offer their viewpoints on the subjects. Tyndale's first translation of the Bible into English paved the way for many other English translations and for modern well-known translations such as the New Living.

Direct Translation

When you begin looking for a Bible translation, you may find that you are not only looking at the translator but also at the point of translation. For example, some modern translations may be from the King James Version, while others are branch off translations from other modern translations such as the New Living Translation and Living Translation. The Tyndale translation is translated directly from the two main Biblical languages. These languages are Hebrew and Greek. This offers some comfort to people who want to be assured their chosen translation is as close as possible to the original wording. 

Protestant Translation

Tyndale was known for his historical disagreements with Catholic doctrine. For example, wanting to even translate the Bible into English stood against the doctrine of the time period. By standing against the doctrine to keep the Bible within the Latin, Hebrew, and Greek languages, the Tyndale translation has stood for many as the protestant translation. 

These key features of the Bible translation by William Tyndale may benefit you in several ways. If you think it would benefit your studies or as an addition to your growing collection, contact your local Bible book seller. They will guide you to their Tyndale translations and different cosmetic features such as leather-bound or large print, to fit your needs.